This is an entry level race event for riders under 16 with little or no experience of competitive cycling which can be done on any road worth bike with no need for membership of British Cycling or Minehead Merlin’s just turn up with a helmet and get your Parent/ Guardian to sign a consent form and off you go. Sign on time 11am till 12:45pm. Start time 1pm. Entry Fee which is payable on the day is £3 and registration will be in Porlock Village Hall. The races will be split as per British Cycling age categories under 16, 14, 12, 10 & 8 with plenty of prizes donated by  . As well as the individual age races we will also be holding team races which will comprise of teams of 4 riders which can be any combination of girls and boys. Plus we will present our two annual Trophies to the 1st placed local First School and 1st place local Middle Scholl. The entry fee of £3 covers the children to complete in both the individual race and the team race. The final event of the day is the Porlock Pedal (2.30pm) There will be lots of British Cycling Go-Ride coaches around to help, guide and ride with the children to ensure their safety and also ensure they have a great time. Plenty of refreshments will be available in the Village Hall and also in the Village. Free parking will be available in the Village sports field (short walk to start), just follow the directions. To read more about the Sky Go-Ride programme please follow this link:
In conjunction with the   Porlock Hill Climb 2015, Minehead Merlin’s are running a Go-Ride Racing event click here to view on British Cycling website. This is a great chance for younger riders to have a go at one of the most famous hill climbs in the country on a full marshalled closed road. The road surface is good and it’s the closest you will get to ride an Alpine style climb in Britain. Riding up through sheltered woods with the occasional view of the sea on your right. Don’t worry though we will only be going as far as the Toll House which is halfway.
Bike Safety Check Frame Check for damaged/bent frame and forks – if there is visible distortion the bicycle should not be used Headset and Brakes Check that the brakes actually work and are properly adjusted – when the brakes are fully on the lever should have been pulled approximately half way to the handlebars Check that the brake levers are securely attached and the cables are not frayed The brake pads should not be excessively worn and there should be at least 1mm between the pad and the rim Check adjustment of headset by engaging front brake and seeing if there is any rocking movement when gently pushing on the handlebars – there should be no movement Wheels and Tyres The wheels should run freely, with no excessive wobbles/buckles Check for loose spokes by running your hand over the spokes Tyres should be inflated to a reasonable pressure – manufacturers recommendations will be indicated on side wall of tyre The tread should not be excessively worn and the tyres should have no splits, cracks or holes Hubs and Axles Bolts and quick release mechanisms should be securely tightened Saddle and Handlebars Check to see if either are loose, but do not use undue force Check saddle: − Saddle should be straight − Saddle height – cyclist’s knee should be slightly bent when they have the ball of their foot on the pedal, and the pedal is at its lowest point Handlebars – handlebars and stem should be straight and in line. Handlebars should have end plugs Pedals, Cranks and Bottom Bracket Check that there is no movement in the bottom bracket or cranks by holding one crank still and trying to move the other crank. There should not be any movement Check that the pedals rotate freely Chain and Gears Check that the chain is lubricated properly, and is not slack or rusty Check that the gears are properly adjusted, lubricated and cables are not frayed BMX trick nuts o For safety reasons these should be removed if group riding is included in the session. Helmet Safety Check All cyclists participating in a coaching session conducted by a British Cycling licensed coach must wear a cycling helmet. The helmet should have a CE mark and conform to an appropriate standard such as BS EN 1078:1997 or SNELL B95. Check that the helmet is fitted and worn correctly: Make sure it is the right way round – this is particularly important with children It should be placed on the top of the head with the straps fastened under the chin The front strap should be as vertical as possible and the rear strap should join the front strap just below the ears (forming a ‘V’ just under the ears) The helmet should fit comfortably on the head – if you try to move the helmet there should be very little movement If you can slide the helmet off the head either backwards or forwards you need to tighten the straps – always get the cyclist to take the helmet off before adjusting their straps Clothing Safety Check Look out for: Baggy clothing – this can get caught in moving parts. Trousers and tracksuit bottoms should be tucked in to prevent them becoming entangled in the chain. All cyclists must wear shoes, with shoe laces tucked in The clothing must be appropriate for the weather and environmental conditions, e.g. warmth, waterproof etc.
07974 578820
PORLOCK  Hill Climb Go-Ride
Event Organiser: Mr Wayne Reeder
PORLOCK  Hill Climb Go-Ride
Event Secretary: Louise Crossman, Court Place, Withycombe, Minehead TA24 6QB   T: 07974  578820
Hill Climb PORLOCK minehead CYCLING CLUB
Minehead Cycling Club regret to announce that the 2019 Porlock Hill Climb has been cancelled. We appreciate that participants, supporters and spectators alike will be disappointed, however the Club has reluctantly taken this decision as our resources are stretched at the moment and we are unable to give the event the attention it deserves. We would like to take this time to review and refresh the event for 2020, and with this in mind we are open to any and all offers of support to help plan, promote, deliver and participate in a re-launched Porlock Hill Climb 2020. If you have the passion and drive to help us take this forward please contact the Club Secretary via e mail at in the first instance."