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Sunday 25th September 2016 on the UH10 Course sponsored by   with a total prize fund of £3,000 Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations  by the  Minehead Cycling Club
Men(Overall) £300  £250 £200   £150 £125 £100 £75 £50 Women £300  £250  £200   £125  £65 £30 Juniors £30 Juveniles £30 Vets 40 - 44 £60   £40  £20 Vets 45 - 49 £60   £40  £20 Vets 50 - 54 £60   £40  £20 Vets 55 - 59 £60   £40  £20 Vet 60 Plus £60   £40  £20
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Prize money for the 2015 Event!
10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th, 110th, 120th
£10 SPOT PRIZES for...
Best Woman over Both Events £100
Best Man over Both Events £100
Time Keepers: Ian Boon Bridget Boon Mike Rose Sally Hutter
Event HQ: Porlock Village Hall Toll Road (New Road) Porlock TA24 8QD
Event Organiser: Ian Piper 17 Higher Park Minehead Somerset, TA24 8AP Tel: 01643-707176
Please note that all prize winners must collect their prizes in person we will not be sending out prizes.
Course Description: Porlock Toll Road Hill Climb Course UH10 Start: Approximately 150 meters up the Toll Road from where it leaves the A39 Porlock Hill main road, by the two garages on the left hand side and opposite the Village Hall Car Park entrance on the right hand side. Proceed up the Toll Road for 4.2 miles to the finish which is approximately 200 meters short of the top of the road where it rejoins the main A39 Porlock to Lynmouth road. The finish is located by a defined dip in the grass bank on the left and opposite a similar gap in the beach hedge with a dip on the right. Please note that there is a cattle grid after approximately 2.25 miles which can be slippery when wet. Important Course Information: The Toll Road will be closed to the general public from 09.30 - 15.00 hours, from just before the start line to the finish. However, there are three farms on the course which may require urgent access to the Toll Road during the event. Please be aware that there may be farm vehicles somewhere on the course and therefore you must ride in accordance with the Highway Code. Residents who live on the course, mainly at the bottom of the hill, will have vehicular access at all times to enter and exit their homes down to Porlock Village. When descending ride slowly and keep to the left hand side. Keep to the left of cones and obey marshals to avoid other competitors. Competitor Notes: 1. Car Parking will be at the Porlock Recreation Ground, Parson Street, Porlock, TA24 8QJ (Ladies in the Hill Climb please see note 4), approximately 0.5 mile up Parson Street, road next to the church in the centre of the village, see attached map. Please allow 5 minutes to ride from the recreation ground to the start. Please park in rows as directed or following existing parking pattern. 2. Toilet facilities can be found in the Village Hall. 3. Changing facilities for male competitors are located in the recreation ground building. 4. Parking at the Village Hall is strictly limited to officials and lady competitors only. 5. Signing on and race numbers will be available at the Village Hall from 9am. No signature no ride. 6. The Toll Road will be closed to all traffic from 9.30am on the day of the race. You are welcome to ride the course prior to this but please be aware that there is a £1 Toll fee for bicycles. 7. All riders other than those racing must be off the Toll Road by 9.45am at the latest. 8. A box will be located at the village hall for clothing that will be transferred to the finish area at regular intervals. Please bag any items you wish to be transferred to the finish and clearly label the bag with your name. Items must be in the box 30mins prior to your start time.
M = Men W = Women Vet1 = 40 - 44 Vet2 = 45 - 49 Vet3 = 50 - 54 Vet4 = 55 - 59 Vet5 = 60 Plus years old Jun = Junior Juv = Juvenile
No.       Name       Club   M/W   Cat Start Time
4 Edd Sowden Paceline RT M 10.04 5 Christopher Stroud Minehead CC M V3 10.05 6 Michael Waterjohns Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M V1 10.06 7 Robert Lewis Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M 10.07 8 Paul Dixon Cheltenham & County CC M 10.08 9 Justin Reincke North Devon Wheelers M V1 10.09 10 Daniel Burbridge Bristol South CC M 10.10 11 Marc Allen Swindon RC M V2 10.11 12 Peter Flecken Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M 10.12 13 Stephen Williamson Weybridge Wheelers M V2 10.13 14 Owen Cooper Norwood Paragon CC M V1 10.14 15 Richard Spink T1 Diabetes.info M 10.15 16 Oliver Stone North Devon Wheelers M JUV 10.16 17 Jack Hewlett Taw Velo M JUN 10.17 18 Jordan Channon Tavistock Whs CC M JUN 10.18 19 Sean Lally Mid Devon CC M V1 10.19 20 Dean Robson Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M 10.20 21 Steve Lewis Sodbury Cycle-Sport M V1 10.21 22 Ian Jeffery Team Tor 2000/Kalas Sportswear Ltd M V1 10.22 23 Pete Norman Tanks Direct Cycling M V3 10.23 24 George Prodrick Fenland Clarion CC M V5 10.24 25 Matt Reynolds Sodbury Cycle-Sport M V2 10.25 26 Andrew Quye In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT M V3 10.26 27 Malcolm Chave Okehampton CC M V4 10.27 28 Robert Waddy Tavistock Whs CC M JUN 10.28 29 James Merrey Berkshire Tri Squad M V1 10.29 30 Richard Bussell RST Sport/Aero-Coach M 10.30 31 Russell Peace Dursley RC M 10.31 32 Will Horn Plymouth Corinthian CC M 10.32 33 Matthew Stanbury Media Velo / Dynamic Rides M 10.33 34 Charles Coleman Velo Club Walcot M 10.34 35 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC M V1 10.35 36 Matthew Brooke Sodbury Cycle-Sport M 10.36 37 Richard Boulter Minehead CC M V5 10.37 38 Robert Leslie North Devon Wheelers M V3 10.38 39 Leigh Pinchen Northover VT / Rudy Project M V1 10.39 40 Peter Kibble Velocity Globalbike RT M JUN 10.40 41 Stephen Clarke Bristol South CC M V3 10.41 42 Dave Dibble Minehead CC M V4 10.42 43 Ian Perry Evesham & Dist Whs M V3 10.43 44 Paul Vowels Taw Velo M V1 10.44 45 Jonathon Cresswell Mid Devon CC M JUV 10.45 46 James Chant Gillingham & Dist Whs M V2 10.46 47 John Grenfell Westbury Wheelers CC M 10.47 48 Thomas Perry Evesham & Dist Whs M JUV 10.48 49 Simon Hogg Minehead CC M V2 10.49 50 Martin Smith Bike Chain Ricci M V2 10.50 51 Adrian Lane 1st Chard Whs M JUN 10.51 52 Oliver Darbyshire Severn RC M 10.52 53 Jon Hare Exeter Whs CC M 10.53 54 Callum Hunter University of Bristol CC M 10.54 55 Catherine Hilton N1 Triathlon Club W V1 10.55 56 Josephine Gilbert Velosure Starley Primal Pro Cycling W 10.56 57 Mary Wilkinson Yorkshire Road Club W 10.57 58 Louise Harris Tanks Direct Cycling W 10.58 59 Sue Parker Veloton Team W 10.59 60 Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT Gear Club W 11.00
61 Ceri Middleton Climb on Bikes RT M JUN 11.01 62 Wiebke Rietz 1st Chard Whs W V2 11.02 63 Karen Balmforth Sodbury Cycle-Sport W V2 11.03 64 Heidi Viles Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain W 11.04 65 Julie Marazzi Somer Valley CC W V1 11.05 66 Rosa Serret North Devon Wheelers W JUN 11.06 67 Jessica Morrish North Devon Wheelers W JUV 11.07 68 Janet Hewlett Minehead CC W V2 11.08 69 Lucy Driver Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain W 11.09 70 Crystal Spearman Nopinz W 11.10 71 Zoe Betteridge North Devon Wheelers W 11.11 72 Neve Upton North Devon Wheelers W JUV 11.12 73 Sian Davies Bike Chain Ricci W V1 11.13 74 Kate Blackman Veloton Team W 11.14 75 Jessica Roberts Team Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical W 11.15 76 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC W 11.16 77 Victoria Ratcliffe Somer Valley CC W V1 11.17 78 Louise Crossman Minehead CC W V4 11.18 79 Louise Nalton Minehead CC W V2 11.19 80 Maryka Sennema Paceline RT W V1 11.20 81 Gregory Ashley Team Jewson - MI Racing M V2 11.21 82 Louie Priddle Mid Devon CC M JUV 11.22 83 Mat Watch Ride 24/7 M V1 11.23 84 Harrison Wood Mid Devon CC M JUV 11.24 85 Graham Collins Tanks Direct Cycling M 11.25 86 Stephen Toogood Minehead CC M V2 11.26 87 Phil Walter Tanks Direct Cycling M 11.27 88 Sid Baldaro North Devon Wheelers M JUV 11.28 89 Jack Elston North Devon Wheelers M JUV 11.29 90 Laurent Moseley Sodbury Cycle-Sport M 11.30 91 Laurence Douglas-Greene Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M 11.31 92 Ross Clarke CS Dynamo (Exmouth) M JUN 11.32 93 Dave Francis Alltrax M V5 11.33 94 Peter Worsfold Minehead CC M V2 11.34 95 Tavis Walker Velo Club Walcot M 11.35 96 Charlie Mcfadzean CS Dynamo (Exmouth) M JUN 11.36 97 Evan Rouse North Devon Wheelers M JUV 11.37 98 Rob Nash Bristol South CC M V4 11.38 99 Mick Kelly Team Milton Keynes M V4 11.39 100 Paul Jones Bristol South CC M 11.40 101 Rex Facey 1st Chard Whs M V3 11.41 102 Martyn Leach Revo Racing M V2 11.42 103 Mark Gibbs Tanks Direct Cycling M V1 11.43 104 Nathan Bale Minehead CC M 11.44 105 Adrian Lawson Ride 24/7 M V1 11.45 106 Kim Little Gillingham & Dist Whs M 11.46 107 Peter Sharp Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M 11.47 108 Ben Davies Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M V1 11.48 109 Jeremy Summers Minehead CC M V1 11.49 110 Joe Norledge Procycling Magazine RT M 11.50 111 James Coleman Velo Club Walcot M 11.51 112 Sean Frost Yeovil CC M 11.52 113 Myles Gerrard Tanks Direct Cycling M V2 11.53 114 Josh Coyne Okehampton CC M 11.54 115 Dan Evans Team Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical M 11.55 116 Kevin Sayles Airedale Olympic M V5 11.56 117 Geoff Ware Minehead CC M V1 11.57 118 Neil Smith Bristol South CC M V1 11.58 119 David Poole Somerset Road Club/The Bicycle Chain M V4 11.59 120 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team M 12.00
Merlins Go-Ride Race follows the prize presentation at 1pm please support the stars of the future by giving them your support as they start their race from outside the Village Hall. Porlock Pedal Family/Fun Ride at 2.30pm This is a non competitive, non timed, family participation event that will go 2 miles up the traffic free Toll Road and finish at the Toll Gate. Enter on the day in the village hall (£2). If you have ridden the main event or the Go-Ride event you are invited to ride the Porlock Pedal at no extra charge, perhaps with friends and family. Please let us know if you want to do this and we will give you an early start number. Any sort of bike is welcome for the Porlock Pedal, electric, recumbrant, tricycle so long as it is road worthy. Porlock is a lovely welcoming village with lots to for all the family, for further information or accommodation booking please look at www.porlock.co.uk or phone the Porlock Visitor Centre on 01643-863150. Acknowledgments The Minehead Cycling Club would like to acknowledge the help and support of everybody who has contributed to the running of this event. The list below is far from complete but it does highlight some of the people and organisations who have contributed and whom we would like to say a very big Thank You.   Porlock Manor Estate - for closing the Porlock Toll Road and allowing us to use it for all the days events. Tanks Direct - for the £3,000 prize list, Go-ride race prizes & trophies. Additional funding to help promote this years Time Trial. Miles Tea & Coffee - for the Porlock Pedal medals. Porlock Ladies - for the catering. Exeter Wheelers CC - For their part in the West Country Hill Climb Weekend Exmoor National Park Authority Partnership Fund - for the supporting our application for funding towards the road management equipment. Please support the up keep of the National Park by donating to CareMoor for Exmoor.
Event Secretary: Louise Crossman, Court Place, Withycombe, Minehead TA24 6QB   T: 07974  578820
Hill Climb PORLOCK minehead CYCLING CLUB
Minehead Cycling Club regret to announce that the 2019 Porlock Hill Climb has been cancelled. We appreciate that participants, supporters and spectators alike will be disappointed, however the Club has reluctantly taken this decision as our resources are stretched at the moment and we are unable to give the event the attention it deserves. We would like to take this time to review and refresh the event for 2020, and with this in mind we are open to any and all offers of support to help plan, promote, deliver and participate in a re-launched Porlock Hill Climb 2020. If you have the passion and drive to help us take this forward please contact the Club Secretary via e mail at secretary@minehead.cc in the first instance."